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from saree to suit: majä’s latest collection

This November, Majä ushers in their third anniversary of being one of Sri Lanka’s growing sustainable brands by adding an exciting new addition to their growing range of unique, upcycled fashion- the Power Blazer. Embracing the rich vibrancy of our Sri Lankan heritage in every stitch, the Majä power blazer is a love letter to the working Sri Lankan woman of today.

Established in 2019, Majä- a New Story began as a passion project by up-cycling pre-worn sarees create new pieces of clothing and accessories.

Our raw material comes to us through second hand vendors or friends, loved ones and anyone who wants to contribute towards reducing their waste and practicing sustainability. At Majä, we know that sustainability and quality can co-exist. Our raw materials and resources go through stringent quality checks before entering the production process. Over the last 3 years, our brand journey has grown into a team of dedicated, passionate individuals working together to offer a diverse, fashion-forward yet sustainable approach toward consumerism.

Our collection has evolved from striking skirts, accessories and footwear to fun, casual leisure wear. Each intricately crafted collection has stayed true to its harmonious marriage of creativity and individuality. Each piece is the result of a unique vision and colour palette, ensuring that every piece is one of a kind and striking to the eye.

This month, we introduce our new range of women’s blazers. Bold, refined and unafraid to enjoy the moment, our blazers embody majä’s signature use of pre-worn sarees to create stunning, sophisticated pieces that can transform from professional and powerful to sophisticated and fun. The collection has been in the wings since last December and will be unveiled this November.

Our world has an endlessly shifting perception of fashion. It is time that we recognize what today’s woman looks like in business and the workplace and more importantly, how she wants to look there. Get your own Majä blazer and enhance your boardroom presentation or wear it over a bodycon dress at your next cocktail party. Stay vibrant and unique while still making sustainable fashion choices.

Majä’s newest collection of power blazers will be available exclusively at the Design Collective from November 10 onwards.

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