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Majä- a New Story is a passion project that began with the objective of upcycling and reusing pre worn sarees to create new pieces of clothing. We want our clients to look their best but we are also aware that we have a responsibility towards promoting and offering a diverse range and a guide on sustainable fashion and shopping to the public.

Our story started in 2018 and has since evolved into a hardworking, passionate team of individuals who believe that we can all make a difference in the way we approach consumerism. We believe that you too can join us on this journey to evolve our lifestyles and business ventures to control our waste management and promote sustainable fashion. Together we can make a change for the better, and still look good while we do it!

Our Story: Welcome

Once Upon a Saree...

The saree is a rite of passage, our cultural fingerprint and uniquely beautiful garment that is carefully tucked away in the closet of every Sri Lankan woman.  Rather than discarding and disposing of well-worn sarees we up-cyle and breathe new magic into these “pre-loved” materials.

We see six yards of possibility in every vibrant saree that is generously donated to us by our family, friends and those who want to contribute towards up-cycling and reducing their waste input to the growing pollution problem.

When you choose Majä, you choose to take a step with us on our path towards a sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t compromise standards. While every unique skirt, blouse ,  clutch purse  or small home accessory tells the story of a pre-loved saree we also share the stage with a team of dedicated seamstresses from low income families who are unable to go out for work. 

Our minimum waste process extends to our packaging which is 100% recycled and produced for us by a women’s advocacy organization called Women in Need.

At Majä we believe that sustainable choices benefit everyone.  All you need is to take a first step.


get in touch with us, for partnerships, collaborations, and general inquiries on how you can be a part of our projects. Join our conscious fashion movement

Colombo, Sri Lanka

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