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How we create new products from old sarees

We usually receive used sarees as donations , or we buy the saree for a nominal fee. 
We always check the state and quality of the saree as we like to maintain a good quality of the new product we sell on our platform. 

What charities do you work with?

We share our profits with the S.O.S. Childrens Village, Sri Lanka, which is the charity of our choosing

How can we hand over the saree/s?

We try to remain eco-conscious by limiting couriers etc, so we have a few places that you can drop off the sarees at.
One collection point in Colpetty and the other in Nugegoda.
Please get in touch with us, via instagram  or facebook or via this site should you need to pass on any saree donations

How do we help the community ?

All the small items are made by women in greater Colombo and certain areas in the Western province. They have been taught and skilled  to create , thus helping them earn something more while at home.

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